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The doctors and staff of the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic, s.c. have been closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and its impact on our patients, clients and our team. Our COVID-19 Pandemic Clinic Procedures can be viewed here.

The Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic and boarding facilities in your area are highly recommending vaccination for canine influenza.

The canine flu virus is highly contagious and spreading. Since it’s discovery in Florida in 2003, canine flu has spread to 35 states. It is transmitted by direct contact and inhalation of airborne virus. Symptoms of canine flu mimic less serious respiratory infections like Bordetella (canine cough), but dogs infected with the flu are more likely to develop serious complications like pneumonia. The reason we currently vaccinate for Bordetella is the same reason we are now recommending vaccinating your dog with Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8 for canine influenza: risk based on lifestyle. If your dog frequents any of the following, it is at higher risk for developing canine influenza:

Symptoms may not occur until several days AFTER the virus becomes active and contagious. This means dogs that have NO SYMPTOMS can infect other dogs, making the virus extremely difficult to detect or prevent, especially in areas where many dogs are together.

If exposed, virtually all dogs will be infected because they have no natural immunity and:

We are very conscious of over-vaccination and we always evaluate new vaccines before introducing them to our clients. Please protect the health of your dog and make an appointment for canine influenza vaccination today.

Vaccinate today so the flu doesn’t interfere with your dog's fun!