Wellness Exams


Our pets age much faster than humans, so to catch early signs of disease or illness, pets should be examined on a yearly basis. Some animals that have chronic conditions should be seen on a more regular basis, twice a year or more. There are many diseases that are common and harmful to your pet. Thankfully many are preventable. Remember that some diseases and parasites can be carried into your house on your hands, shoes and clothing. Rodents, wild animals and other domestic animals can also carry these diseases. Even if your pet is not in contact with other animals he or she is still at risk.  Talk with your veterinarian and fill out our risk assessment to help determine your pet’s vaccination schedule. 

Each visit, your animal will receive an exam. During this exam, the veterinarian will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs. Eyes, ears, teeth, legs, chest, and abdomen are checked for any abnormalities. Please bring a fresh stool sample from your pet to your appointment to check microscopically for intestinal parasites. Any questions you have can be discussed, including but not limited to: nutrition, dental care, spaying/neutering, behavior, lump/bumps, and parasites.

Please be sure to mention if your pet has not been feeling well, has had any changes in consumption of water or food, changes in elimination habits (accidents in the house, more frequent trips outside) any difficulty with exercise, or anything else that seems different about your pet. These signs could indicate an underlying disease.