Our family became involved with Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic in the 1970's when Dr. Moats treated our rabbit, Cinnamon. Residents of the Hartford area, we found your clinic to be the only clinic that would treat small animals. She lived to be 12 years old thanks to your care and advice. We became dedicated customers, making the drive to Cedarburg for the medical care of our three dogs over the next 30 years. Dr. Moats would simply shake his head with a smile as we came in with our high strung and playful terriers. He was truly and kind and caring man.

As the years passed, we found the staff associated with Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic to be outstanding in their excellent service, always knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Brewer has most recently guided us through the illness and passing of our Wire Fox Terrier, Tory and 8 years with our Welsh Terrier, Megan. Moving out of the area several years ago, we struggled to find a comparable clinic. We have now found a caring veterinarian. When Megan became ill, we called Dr. Brewer again and were overwhelmed with the caring service. The technician, Kathleen, relayed our concerns and collaborated with Dr. Brewer giving us confidence in our decisions for further treatment. We will always be grateful to all of the caring staff at Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic.

- Dan and Penny Niesen, May, 2015

Dr. Schumacher is kind, informative and outstanding with my West Highland White Terriers. We have been coming for seven years for care. I recommend this clinic without any reservation. Great staff and vets! They really care and show great attention to the dogs.

- TQ Paulsen, October, 2014

We have used the Cedarburg Vet Clinic for all of our family Cavaliers since we moved to Cedarburg in the 80’s. The staff at the clinic are like family, the service is the best. Thank you from The Pearsons.

- Pat Pearson, July 2010

There isn’t enough room in this page to express my feelings about Cedarburg Vet Clinic. The staff is absolutely wonderful! They have helped with the loss of 2 cats and through tough doggie times as I have a dog with stomach and allergy issues. I would and do recommend Cedarburg Vet Clinic to everyone! Thank you to all at the clinic, you are all truly amazing and your love and passion for animals is outstanding!

- Katherine Herkert, April 2010

We have been loyal clients of the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic for almost 25 years, starting with our first yellow Lab Sundance and currently with “the boys” Cody and Buck, also yellow Labs. Cody and Buck love going to the vet because they are treated so well and with great care (especially Cody, so he can get treats from Kelly and rearrange the waiting room furniture, which the staff puts back together with great patience.)

Our doctor is Dr. Tom Schumacher, whom, unbeknownst to him, we affectionately call “Doc Shoe”. Doc Shoe clearly loves animals and will stick through any problem until it’s resolved. For example, Cody’s very stubborn ear infection took a lot of fortitude (those bacteria can be stubborn!) but we got it cleared up. And Doc Shoe will even cheer for our Marquette although he graduated from UW!

We also want to mention their wonderful diagnostics. Doc Shoe, along with Doc Brewer, will have our eternal gratitude in treating our Sundance one night. Sundance contracted a neurological illness which they diagnosed although rarely seen in small animals, as it is more common in cows and horses. Sundance became paralyzed and was close to death, but they were on it and able to save him with no after effects. Amazing!

Everyone at Cedarburg Vet, we can’t name you all here, you’re “Doggone Great”! Thanks for everything!

- Tom and Dana Furman, April 2010

We have been customers of Cedarburg Vet Clinic since September 2007. At that time we had one male puppy Reggie. Since that time we next added a female, which resulted in eleven puppies (2 different litters). Cedarburg Vet and Dr. Brewer helped me to be able to help deliver all the puppies safely at home. They all thrived as a result of their care, found wonderful homes, and some of whom still use Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic. We now have 3 dogs and we are very happy and satisfied with the care we receive at the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic.

- Sally McComis, March 2010

The clinic has cared for our dogs (x9) over the past thirty-five years. We have always been well-served. Currently our family owns a rather gentle-souled German Shorthair who is wieling to be scared… he always goes into the clinic happily and leaves happily. Hats off! And thanks.

- Mary C. Leben, March 2010

Dr. Brewer and all of the staff members provided exceptional care for our Burmese cat, Ben, who had kidney disease. Their attention, concern and support for Ben (and me) will not be forgotten. In addition, they continue to provide wonderful care for our Buddy (also Burmese) and our newest Burmese addition Isobella (Izzy). These are all wonderful people – thank you!

- Pat Thome, April 2010

We have been going to the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic since 1970. Our dogs always get personal, friendly and expert care. It’s a great place. The staff is outstanding.

- Bill and Carolyn Holloway, March 2010


From an animal’s point of view...

Hi, I’m Sadie, a 4 year old rescued boxer who has developed allergies (yippee). I live with my human parents who are old. The idea of giving me a shot was horrifying to them but the clinic has patiently taught them the skill. I’m a real challenge to the clinic as I refuse to comply with “The Book” regarding allergies. However, they’re not giving up on me. They are very knowledgeable, listen carefully, are very patient, offer suggestions, return calls promptly and are very compassionate – we’re a TEAM. The staff at Cedarburg Vet Clinic are so friendly and nice but my very favorite technician is Kaytie, and Dr. Schumacher is the best! Come on over – check it out. See you there!

- “Sadie” (Audrey Filter), March 2010

Hi, my name is Fred and I was a naughty boy. I ate some yarn, well, a lot of yarn. Dr. Brewer knows me REAL well and even though nothing was showing on the x-rays he thought I might have gotten into something. He got over 3 feet of yarn out of me! My tummy hurt for a while from the surgery and I’m not a good patient, but everyone took good care of me a treated me like royalty so I could return home and be with my brother real soon.

I had some problems from eating that yarn and Dr. Brewer had to do some more surgery to fix it. I wasn’t happy about more surgery but Dr. Brewer fixed everything and I’m doing real well now. I know I’m not a good patient but everyone at the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic was so good to me and helped me out so much. They’re the best!

- Fred (Nancy Sachse), March 2010